Yonason Goldson

Director Ethical Imperatives, LLC

The Answer to Everything & the Secret of Ethical Affluence
Studies prove that companies ranked high for ethics grow faster and outperform companies that don't.  Half a trillion dollars in productivity is lost every year in the United States because of employee disengagement and workplace conflict.  A brand that radiates ethical values organically generates enthusiastic employees and loyal customers.

Ethical transformation begins by setting higher standards for ourselves and living up to them, which requires us to see ourselves through the eyes of others.  This sets us on the path that leads to ethical affluence – the mindset that will energize you and your team while making your brand image shine.

This seminar will give you:
  • Entertaining stories and real-world examples of ethical conflicts
  • A guide to foster cooperative spirit when dealing with others
  • A strategy for holding ourselves to a higher standard of personal responsibility
Yonason Goldson is director of Ethical Imperatives, LLC. 

He’s an ethics speaker, strategic storyteller, and TEDx presenter, teaching leaders and professionals how good ethics is good business. 

He is also a community rabbi, recovered hitchhiker and circumnavigator, former newspaper columnist, and retired high school teacher in St. Louis, where he and his wife live happily as empty-nesters. 

Rabbi Goldson has authored five books, including Proverbial Beauty: secrets for success and happiness from the wisdom of the ages, and Fix Your Broken Windows: a 12 step system for promoting ethical affluence; he’s also published hundreds of articles applying ancient wisdom to the challenges of the modern world.