Wayne Schoeneberg 

Owner Superlative Coaching, LLC

Creating a Culture of Confidence … Why Prospects Respect It, Customers Like It and You Need It.
The audience will leave with the tools necessary to identify the obstacles that rob individuals of a sense of confidence, know how to recognize these obstacles in themselves and others and take action to overcome those obstacles.

They will learn about six Pillars of Professional Power or “The Pamper Principles” that are shared by successful people. Understanding how to apply those principles in their personal and professional lives increases their performance, productivity and personal satisfaction.

It solves the problem of thinking “you can’t.”
Wayne Schoeneberg is an entrepreneur and professional speaker best known for creating a Culture of Confidence®.

He works exclusively with organizations that want their people to be self-assured, decisive and productive.

Wayne is an entrepreneur, Certified Professional Coach, and licensed attorney at law.

He is the author of “No Clients? No Job? No Problem!” and “Dominate Your Divorce.”

He began his public speaking career as a radio personality.
Wayne then served in the United States Army as Commanding Officer of a military intelligence detachment.

As an attorney Wayne has represented clients as wide ranging as Wells Fargo to Chuck Berry. He is a veteran of more than 200 jury trials.

Wayne is an expert in helping entrepreneurs create a Culture of Confidence® that impacts owners, employees, customers and prospects.

Wayne lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Is married to Rebecca Schoeneberg, is a father, stepfather and grandfather.

He engages in a diverse set of activities including, but not limited to, motorcycling, stand-up comedy, blogging, engaging in mock military airborne operations with the Russian Special Forces and golf.

He is the founder and owner of Superlative Coaching LLC. 314-708-1000