Tom Ruwitch  

Founder & President MarketVolt

How to Move Prospects from 'Maybe' to 'Yes!' Using Interactive Marketing
You can put more leads into the sales funnel and convert more to customers if you understand how to market to the maybes. 

Marketing expert Tom Ruwitch will reveal proven strategies and tactics to connect with those who are not ready buyers but who are willing to raise their hand and ask for more information.

He will reveal how to turn those maybes into customers -- with maximum efficiency and minimum hassle.
Tom Ruwitch is a marketing expert with with nearly 25 years’ experience helping businesses and individuals thrive using email and other interactive technologies.

He is the founder and president of MarketVolt, an email service provider and marketing services firm based in St. Louis.

Tom has established MarketVolt among the midwest’s leading interactive technology and marketing firms.

He serves as the company's lead consultant for clients who seek website, email, social media, and other marketing guidance.

Tom is an experienced direct response marketer, communications
strategist, copywriter and web developer.

He is especially adept at helping businesses coordinate their online and offline marketing efforts.

He has experience designing and executing marketing campaigns for small business startups and publicly traded companies.

Tom is a speaker and consultant who appears regularly as a featured presenter at business expos and other events.

He writes a monthly marketing column for a business journal in St. Louis, and he is a guest blogger on marketing topics for many online publications.