Tom Bushlack

Regional Director of Mission Integration,  SSM Health

  "Live Centered! - Activate Your Innate Capacity for Wise & Ethical Decision-Making for Success in Business (and Life)"
Take your decision-making skills to the next level with this interactive seminar that combines moving, personal stories with data driven research. This workshop explains the findings of the Centering for Wisdom Assessment™ tool and provides simple yet powerful techniques for living a more centered life!  Learn how centering down into small moments of silence throughout your day can unlock deeper levels of self-awareness and transform the way you work and relate to others.
  • Identify and learn to manage triggers that undercut efficiency and lead to costly mistakes
  • Learn practical methods for getting and staying centered throughout the day
  • Empower employees to make decisions that create a culture of trust and integrity
  • Lower stress while increasing creativity, innovation, and problem-solving efficiency
Tom Bushlack, Regional Director of Mission Integration, SSM Health (St. Louis, MO)

Tom holds a Ph.D. in Theology and Ethics from the University of Notre Dame, and brings over 20 years of experience in higher education (as a university professor) and experiential education (at Voyageur Outward Bound School & the YMCA); in public speaking; in professional & personal development workshops; in leading retreats; and in organizational development and consulting services in health care mission integration & alignment.