Resources to Help Small Businesses Grow​​

Suppliers are essential to almost every small business. Without resources to help Small Businesses, businesses will have a tough time growing.

Suppliers/vendors can do much more than merely supply you with the materials and services you need to do business. They can also be important sources of information, helping you evaluate the potential of new products, track competitors' actions and identify promising opportunities.

Vendors can turn into partners, helping you cut costs, improve product designs and even fund new marketing efforts. If you don't make selecting good suppliers and vendors a part of your growth plan, you're likely to regret it.

​The Resource Business Center will be open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm during the Workshop Programs 
  1. Book Store

    Books and other resources from outstanding authors and speakers from around the country. Some books are even signed by the author.
    These books have been donated to raise money for SWBSWIL organization,
  1. J Hilburn

    Steve Pulley a J.Hilburn Personal Stylists is passionate about helping men discover their confidence-boosting power of a custom-made wardrobe. He will help you understand your clothing needs and assess your fit and style. As a Personal Stylists, Steve can explain how a custom-made wardrobe that fits  your body, fits your personality, and fits your lifestyle can go a long way in your business success.  
  1. Ridgeway Portrait Design Business & Corporate Services

    If your photography SCREAMS amateur, unprofessional and unpolished, your business is going to be perceived as far less valuable and professional than it actually is – no matter how badass your branding is.

    Let John Ridgeway show you how High-quality photography is a gift that keeps on giving. The same professional photos you use throughout your website pull double duty in online marketing campaigns and triple duty running as print ads.

    John will be offering professional headshots to help you get started with making your business look professional and to start you on your way. 

    Come dressed for success and let John show your business IS professional.
  1. Midwest Business Institute

    Through coaching, consulting and training opportunities Midwest Business Institute, can help your business and profitability grow through employee development. The Institute supports growth, enhanced performance and productivity of the work force.  
  1. Davis Creative

    Do you have a book in you? Davis Creative can patiently lead you through what can be a daunting and complicated process. With their extensive knowledge and experience in this industry they can answer all your questions, set up your accounts with the publishing firms, and provided important strategic guidance that will help you optimize your book launch.
  1. Bulleye Promotions

    Mark Van Zeyl will help guide you in what is the best way to promote your business or yourself. He can show you the differnt opptions there are in the market.

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