Chris Booth

Founder & CEO FunnelBooth

Attracting the perfect customer- Your one Facebook Funnel away
Do you remember ...
When a giant ad in the Yellow Pages brought you more patients that you could handle?

When mailers with your latest coupon or a scheduled events were the most cost-effective way to reach your community?

When SEO, social media, and a mobile-friendly website were all you needed to get people in your doors?

Let's be honest - marketing your local business can be difficult AND costly...
Learn how to attract the perfect customer using the latest technology and trends.
Founder, CEO, and Global Strategy Specialist at FunnelBooth

Chris has been in marketing for over 25 years, with his primary focus on growing businesses that promote health and wellness.

A former assistant director of a BNI, he is very familiar with local online business marketing after spending several years as the Director of Marketing for a large, multi-location Chiropractic office in the St. Louis Area.

During that time, Chris lead teams of up to 10 people, planned over 150 events a year, and individually coached teams on how to apply sales, marketing and networking both online and locally.

Having been a member of over 10 Chambers of Commerce as well as many other specialty networking organizations and other organized groups.   

Chris' passion is to utilize the same sales and principles that have proven to be effective, but to translate them into a format that today's social communication will see and respond to. He recognizes that this happens by being forward thinking and using the latest in technology (with tools such as Facebook ads, chat bots, and marketing automation) to reach people where they're at.