Cathy Sexton

Owner The Productivity Experts

I.G.N.I.T.E. Productivity & Accelerate Results™
Feeling overwhelmed by what you need to accomplish each day? Imagine how it would feel to accomplish more, in less time, with less effort! This powerful program will give you tools to increase focus, organization skills and productivity in all aspects of your life. You’ll discover not only how your Natural Productivity Style affects the way you work, but also identify areas where you can implement solutions that leverage your personal style. And with Cathy’s signature DNA technique for making meaningful changes and taking decisive action, you’ll have the valuable tools you need to regain clarity and focus, reduce the overwhelm, and make the most of every precious minute. 
6 Key Productivity Areas:
  • I = Inner Insight
  • G = Get Organized
  • N = Natural Productivity Style
  • I = Interruptions
  • T = Taking Action
  • E = Email Management
Productivity and Profit Specialist, Speaker, Author and Coach, Cathy Sexton helps individuals and organizations increase productivity and profits. Delivering high-impact principles through speaking, coaching, training and special resources, Cathy empowers people to achieve their life and business goals, make the profit they desire and still have time for family and friends.

Cathy founded The Productivity Experts in 2003 after winning her own battle with workaholism and a stress-induced, life-threatening illness. Cathy is committed to helping people accomplish more, with less stress. Professionals can now avoid burnout, spend more quality time with their family and make the money they deserve.

Cathy's Easy Processes are taught through 1-on-1 and group coaching, seminars and her unique “I.G.N.I.T.E.™” and “Prescription for Success™” programs. Attendees and participants learn how to take control of their thoughts, processes and tools to achieve better results, faster.
Cathy is the author of “52 POWERFUL Success Strategies to Ignite Productivity” and co-author of "Focus, Organization and Productivity," "Exploring Productivity", Energized Life” and "7 Points of Impact."